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Welcome to Dr. James van der Merwe’s website. Dr. James is a plastic surgeon who specializes in all kinds of breast augmentation procedures in Johannesburg. Now there are many reasons why women might want to go for such an operation, but it is important to do your homework beforehand before deciding to go ahead with breast enlargement or implants.

Is a Breast Augmentation Worth It?

There are advantages and disadvantages to getting your breasts enlarged. Every case is different because every person is different. If it helps to improve your self-image and self-confidence, it can be worth it. However, for people with deeply rooted self-image problems, this might not be the answer.

If you’ve had multiple cosmetic operations, it might be better to talk with Doctor James before you put your heart into getting another surgery done. One more procedure will not fix a hurt self-image. This might be a psychological problem more than a cosmetic or aesthetic problem with your body.

Some women may feel uncomfortable with how their breasts look after child birth or a mastectomy. Alternatively, some women just feel uncomfortable with their size and shape and would like larger and fuller breasts. If this is how you feel, then there might be benefits to getting the breast augmentation surgery done. As long as you understand that this can become an addiction, and you should guard against becoming reliant on the positive effects and feelings cosmetic improvements can have.

After the surgery, you will also feel some physical pain and discomfort, and you will probably have to wear a surgical bra for a few weeks. Although our practice does offer to help find financial aid, it can take a big chunk out of your paycheck, and you should carefully plan around the financial implications because breast augmentation is an expensive surgery.

Our conclusion from having done many breast augmentations and improving the quality of life for many women is that it can indeed give you a greater quality of life and help you feel better as a woman, but only if approached with balance and soundness of mind. Read more about the types of implants and also the tips you can follow to make the preparation a bit easier on yourself.

If you have any questions or comments, you can call Doctor James’s practice at 011 794 3466 or visit the contact page.

Watch the videos below for some general questions and answers about breast augmentation:

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